Working with an Herbalist is a wonderful way to empower your healing journey and receive guidance and support.

Herbal Medicine Consults

Gina Kearney is a Clinical Herbalists who works individually with clients to help them gain the knowledge they need to accomplish their health goals.

Through a variety of healing modalities including, herbal medicine, flower essences, whole foods, supplement and lifestyle recommendations, she acts as your partner, friend, and confidant on your individualized healing journey.

A 90-minute Initial Herbal Intake is required for all new clients.

Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to complete a New Client Questionnaire detailing your health history. The questionnaire can be DOWNLOADED HERE.

During the appointment, Gina will ask many questions to gain a complete picture of your physical health history, family health history, and present health condition as well as any diagnosis given by a medical practitioner.


90-Minute Initial Herbal Intake: $120
Herbal Follow-ups: $60

Please note: The cost of herbs are not included in the consult price.

You should expect to be asked questions that may seem to have nothing to do with your health needs, but provide details that will prove very helpful such as, “What are your two most dominant emotions?” or “Do you typically feel hot or cold?” During your initial session, and based on your individual health concerns, you may also begin Flower Essence Therapy.

In addition to recommendations made during the appointment, afterward you will receive a personalized, written protocol addressing herbs, flower essences, lifestyle, and nutrition recommendations to best support your health goals. Typically a follow up consult is scheduled in 3 weeks. In a follow up consult, clients share how the protocol is working, how they are feeling, and what changes have been noticed. Any adjustments that need to be made will be discussed at this time. Herbalism is a science, as well as an art. Gina practices with the understanding that every client is a unique individual with a very specific and unique picture. Even small differences can make a big difference in the course of action necessary.

About Gina Kearney

Clinical Herbalist

Gina Kearney is a Clinical Herbalist & Flower Essence Practitioner. She earned her Professional Herbalist Certification from the ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City after completing a 3-year, 1,200-hour program. She also completed a 12-month Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine intensive with Joan Poelvoorde of The Four Winds and has advanced her Flower Essence Practitioner training with Delta Gardens and Traditions School of Herbal Studies.

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